Quick Adidas sick line results: 1. Sam Sutton (New Zealand), 2. Michele Ramazza (Italy), 3. Lukas Kalkbrenner (Germany), from our Czech group: 10.Vavrinec Hradilek, 16. Viktor Legat, 28. Jiri Kopecny and me 83. with stub ribs from the ThursdayA?s training with bed spraydeck… :) A� Lenka Novotna in womens 4.(total 116.). More results you can find at Adidas Sickline web.

More photos you can check at our facebook page – facebook.com/H2Omaniaks.team – in this baclofen without prescription, acquire lioresal. photogallery.

Photos by: Tomas MA�hring (Rodeista)

Please do not copy any pictures from this page or from our facebook without the authorA?s agreement. If you want any picture, write me to: rodeista @ h2omaniaks . com

Adidas Sickline 2010 – REPLAY

The adidas Sickline World Championship took place in A�tztal, Austria on 02 October 2010. 15 champions representing 9 countries made it to the final. Watch the full replay to find out who won the event.

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