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New Year Prague firework show – 2013, photogallery

02. 01. 2013; 1 ; Author: Rodeista Category: Photo gallery

New Year firework in Prague, 1.1.2013, 18:01, near the Charles bridge. Some photos from this show..

We support: Race A?eskA� BudA�jovice a�� Prague – 178km marathon

18. 08. 2011; 2 ; Author: Externí Category: Movies, Water, We Support

The canoe & kayak race held on the river Moldau (Vltava) was one of the most famous water races of the 1920a��s. The race wound over many rapids and wiers on its way from A?eskA� BudA�jovice to Prague. However once the dam cascades on Moldau (Vltava) were built the race had ended.

Devils Extreme Race 2011 – European open championship in extreme kayking

16. 08. 2011; Author: Externí Category: Water, We Support

All paddlers, freestylers or just for fun kayakers are welcomed to the fifth Devils Extreme Race 2011 – official European open championship in extreme kayking. The race takes place, as usually, on the last weekend of August, from 26th to 28th. Prize money for winner!!

The best H2Ophoto – 5 years of travelling with camera 1)

17. 05. 2011; Author: Rodeista Category: Photo gallery

Serial with the best photos from last 5 years of our travelling and kayaking.

(Czech) KdyA? mrzne aA? praA?tA�, jedeme na vodu

08. 02. 2011; Author: Externí Category: Water

(Czech) HezkA? A?lA?nek o zimním pA?dlovA?nA� mi nedA?vno poslal kamarA?d, cestovatel, horolezec, a fotograf Kuba Cejpek. SamozA�ejmA� poslal nejen A?lA?nek, ale i fotky a navA�c krA?tkA? videosestA�ih. Mimo to na zA?vA�r pA�A�klA?dA?m pA?r odkazA? na dalA?A� Kuby A?lA?nky doplnA�nA� supr fotkami.

Christmas paddling

04. 01. 2011; Author: Grázl Category: Water

Some photos from traditional Christmas paddling in Czech Republic. Before Christmas at Sazava river and after at Vltava river. Now you can check some photos, but text we have only in Czech version…

Paddleride through the Prague city center

29. 09. 2010; 1 ; Author: Category: Water

Crazy kayaking through the historical Prague city center and walk across the Charles bridge with kayaks and paddles. 25 boats and 30 paddlers in Prague together with crowd of tourists… Next text is only in Czech language, but photos are international and funny…