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Adidas Sick Line 2011 – online live – 1.10. 13:00 – 14:00

30. 09. 2011; Author: Category: Water

Extreme kayak world championship in Austria (A�tztaler Ache, WellerbrA?cke section) is coming to final! You can watch the big final live and online tomorrow from 13:00…

Extreme kayak world championship Adidas Sick Line 2010 – big photogallery

03. 10. 2010; Author: Category: Photo gallery, Water

Big photogallery with link to other bigger photogallery with one hundred pictures from the extreme kayak world championship 2010 Adidas Sick Line – in Austria, A�tz river, WellerbrA?cke section. Only from Saturday.

Adidas Sick line movie – extreme kayak world championship

20. 10. 2008; Author: Category: Movies, Water

Our short movie from the Adidas Sick line extreme kayak world championship 2008.

Adidas Sick line 2008 – big photo gallery

07. 10. 2008; Author: Category: Photo gallery, Water

Big photogallery from the first world championship in extrem kayaking.

Adidas Sick Line world championship

10. 10. 2007; Author: Category: Water

Some photos from Adidas Sick line world championship 2007.