By purchasing products from the new womenA?s series marked with the a�?We Carea�? logo you can contribute to the fight against breast cancer and bring assistance to people who afflicted by this disease a�� Hiko Sport company donates projects associated with prevention and fight against this deadly disease. List of the products from We Care series you can find here.

Using the “Pink Ribbon” symbol and offering products of a “We Care” series, we want to raise awareness about this insidious disease, the prevention and inform how to recognize breast cancer early. In this case we will offer to our customers information about this disease on labels on each ” We Care” product, on special leaflets, where will be instuctions about self-examination and other useful information. All information you will findA� on our webpage and also on facebook web page We Care.

Your customers will take away great funcional thing and on the other hand they will by purchase donate charity project, what will please them twice. We trust, that with your help we will sell as much “We Care” products as we can and we will donate the highest sum of money.

And remember:

Breast cancer is everybodya��s concern!

a�? Breast cancer is among the most fequent cancerous diseases of women in the Czech Republic

a�? About 50,000 women in Czech suffers from this disease

a�? There is newly diagnosed 5500 women with breast cancer in Czech and approximately 2200 women die annually from breast cancer.

a�? Breast cancer can be recognized early and treated successfully. Every woman should perform preventive breast self-examination and women over 45 years of age should regularly attend mammographic examination.

a�? Needless to say, breast cancer affects also men.

Lady line and Calient We Care

A new line of light underwear. Made from microfibre Polyamid with high a volume of elastan. Elastic, lightweight, quick drying with UV protection. This new line of Calient underwear we predict will be the garment of for wide range of water sports.

The fabric composition is made up of 81% Polyamide and 19% Elastane.

Its features include:

a�? Moisture management a�� transfers perspiration away from the skin.

a�? UV Protection a�� a fabricA?s ability to offer high protection from UV rays. (UPF50+ is the maximum value obtainable)

a�? Quick drying a�� fabric that dries quickly, removing the unpleasant wet sensation on the skin, avoiding irritating rubbing.

a�? Perfect fit a�� the fabric elasticity moulds to the body without being constricting, allowing the best freedom in movement.

Product is always marked with “We Care” and “Lady line” logo. More info about We care products you can find here.

Author: Hiko Sport

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