Projekt NovA? ZA�land oA?ima kajakA?A�A?

It took a lot of time to go through all customs and border controls with our equipment a�� kayaks (Zelezny – Czech company), paddles and huge backpacks. But we made it and in front of the airport our a�?taxia�? waited for us. In a second we were in and on our way to Spaceshipsa�� station, where we got our beautiful and spacious car named Newt.

First few days we reserved for healing the Jet lag and enjoying the beauty of Auckland and surrounding areas. We have been to Sky Tower and admired the view from the highest tower on south hemisphere, did the skydive from 12 000 feet with 40 seconds free fall, surfed on the beach in our kayaks for the first time in our lifes.

Projekt NovA? ZA�land oA?ima kajakA?A�A?

We also saw a lot of nature, watched the ganneta��s colony on Muriwai Beach, savour the beauty of Fairy Falls in Waitakere Ranges as well as gravel roads in Coromandel Peninsula. Would you go there, stop by at Waiau Waterworks and enjoy all those water attractions there.

Cathedral Cave, Hot water beach, Mount Maunganui, Wai-O-Tapu, and Rotorua (and its Kiwi Encounter) a�� we have been there. Kaituna, our first kayaking river in New Zealand, which is right next to the Rotorua lake, and its awesome 7-8 meters high waterfall, which you can raft with several companies too. Really nice experience, warm water (to which we arena��t used to from Czech Republic) and some adrenaline for the beginning.

Next was the East Cape with its lighthouse, where we saw the sunrise as first people on the Earth. Walk in Te Urewera National Park was long and not so demanding, with swimming in the lake at the end a�� refreshing.

Quick move to Naipier, where we had probably the biggest fish&chips ever. For just 0,5$ extra we got a whole extra portion, which was probably even bigger than the normal one. Werena��t able to eat it for dinner nor breakfast.

Wellington was our last stop on North Island for the moment. Visited the awesome Te Papa museum with its interactive displays and big map on New Zealand from sky. Perfect tool for planning our trip.

We did about 3 000km in 2 weeks in our Spaceships and found next to nothing of imperfections. It is spacious (which is kind of problem as we are still looking for something, on the other hand it is able to house all our stuff, which we have a lot of, as well as at least daily supply of beer for us). Still dona��t understand, why kiwis going on the wrong side of road and even the turn indicators are controlled with right hand. Frustrating and we are lucky we still didna��t have any accident.

Now we are heading to South Island and looking forward to its isolation, nature, coolness (it was quite hot on the North) and, hopefully, a lot of rivers with water in them. Our plan is to start with Abel Tasman National Park and go down on the west coast, totally to the south.

Enjoy our first video at www.h2omaniaks.coma��, follow us on Twitter at or read more detailed notes at (in English) or more info about our project at (in Czech & English).

Project New Zealand through kayakerA?s eyes

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