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And Cave Stream a�� awesome cave curved with stream (you already knew it from its name), where you go in the stream and are just shocked with the beauty around.

Back to Hokitika, we have been there around 3 weeks ago, and had fish&chips at our favorite place. And then (again) hunting for some nice jade jewellery. Because we loved the crossing we decided to cross the country one more time, this time via Lewisa�� Pass.

Nothing special there, we wanted to have a bath in hot springs, which are near the first rest place at the end of Lewisa�� Pass, but we found they are pretty small, two people would fit in but more probably not. Arrived to Hanmer Springs just before they were closing and didna��t have time to be there till the other day. Instead went to Kaikoura and had some short sleep there.

In the morning we took Whale Watching and found it is pretty popular attraction among Spaceshipers a�� saw another 3 cars there. The whale watching was great, ocean pretty rough and the boat did a nice splashs on its way. We were really lucky as we saw double fin submersion (two whales at the same time) and after a while we found another whale just come up to surface. It was really great experience and we arrived back to shore full of enjoyment.

It was just short way back to Picton, where we took a ferry to Wellington and are ready to another exploration of North Island. Want to see Waitomo Caves and its blackwater rafting, jump the famous Huka Falls, fly to White Island and see some active vulcanos and then to the top North surfing the sand and enjoy all the attractions there.

Enjoy our videos at http://www.h2omaniaks.coma��, follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/mhumpolec or read more detailed notes at http://martinhumpolec.cz (in English) or more info about our project and our DVD with final 30min movie at http://zeland.h2omaniaks.com (in Czech & English).

Foto: Everybody from the New Zealand H2Omaniaks team

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