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Adidas Sick Line 2011 – online live – 1.10. 13:00 – 14:00

30. 09. 2011; Author: Category: Water

Extreme kayak world championship in Austria (A�tztaler Ache, WellerbrA?cke section) is coming to final! You can watch the big final live and online tomorrow from 13:00…

Expedition Grand Canyon 2011 – Lava Falls (4/4)

28. 09. 2011; Author: Category: Water

You can check some photos from Czech expedition to Grand Canyon. Text we have only in Czech language so fara�� You can switch it to CZ and translate it by google transalate it.

5 years with H2Omaniaks team

26. 09. 2011; Author: Category: Movies, New Zealand, Norway, Tasmania, Water

In this a�zH2Omoviea�? we will paddle in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia (Tasmania a�� CZ expedition Franklin river 2010), USA (Idaho a�� Payette river, CZ expedition Colorado a�� Grand Canyon 2011), France (Corse), New Zealand, Norway, Albania and of course in CR in Prague.

USA, Idaho – North Fork of Payette river a�� Vertical mile (text CZ & EN, video)

03. 09. 2011; 7 ; Author: Mates; CZ->EN: Áňa Category: Movies, Water

When I got to Idaho U.S. a few weeks ago I had no idea what kind of experience Payette and its North Fork arm can possibly be. I went down the lower and middle part of a 15 mile run rated WW5 and after having gone down this bit a few times I heard that there’s something called “Vertical Mile”.